Manchester-Besançon Microlensing Simulator


The current online version is 0.8, released on 20/01/16


V0.8: 20/01/16. Fixed bug in event rate map plotting.

V0.7: 18/11/15. Fixed bug in the computation of timescale-restricted microlensing rates.

V0.6: 05/11/15. Minor bug fixes to allowed range limits and to plotting axes.

V0.5: 21/10/15. First public release.

Known issues

V0.7: 08/01/16. Event rate per source maps are not being produced. Fixed as of V0.8.

V0.6 and earlier versions: 05/11/15. The event rate maps are in error when restricted by timescale (when setting ranges different to the default 1 - 1000 day range). Fixed as of v0.7.

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