Manchester-Besançon Microlensing Simulator



This simulator is based on a snapshot of the Besançon Model, a population synthesis model of the Galaxy which has been developed by Annie Robin and collaborators and which is under continual development.

You can use the forms page to create microlensing maps of the inner Galaxy. You can select optical depth, rate or average event duration maps for different choices of bandpass, sky area, source apparant magnitude range, event duration range and lens population.

Maps can be computed for "Resolved sources" which at baseline are within the selected magnitude range. Or you can select "DIA sources" which are within the magnitude range at maximum magnification.

Each map is accompanied by an estimated error map. The percentage error may be large in the case of very restricted ranges, or regions of low microlensing probability.

The output page also includes a link to the map data for use in your own mapping software.

The calculations used to make these maps are detailed in

Awiphan, S., Kerins, E. & Robin, A., 2016, Besançon Galactic model analysis of MOA-II microlensing: evidence for a mass deficit in the inner bulge, MNRAS, 456, 1666

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